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California Tour 2017 - Update!


Hello Friends!


I am looking to book concerts in Tracy, CA and San Francisco, CA for July 21, 22, and 23, 2017.


My friends Mark Robertson and Poppy Badger Dere are working with me to get concerts at their churches, however it would be nice to pick up 1 or 2 more churches in the area!


Thanks, Keith

California Tour 2017?


This week I am working on my first long distance mini tour to California. Hopefully I can get 2 or 3 churches booked the weekend of July 22 and 23. The two churches I am looking to book are in Tracy, CA and San Francisco, CA. (I live in Pennsylvania!)


Special thanks to my friend from college, Poppy Badger Dere and my friends Mark and Cathy Robertson from my Reach Out Singer days in the mid 80's for trying to help get me booked at their churches!


I hope it works out!


But for now it is back to spring cleaning as we have some people to come do some work at our home tomorrow. IT MUST GET DONE TODAY! 

Summer Plans 2017!


Summer plans 2017!


1. Finish spring cleaning by Tuesday 6/13/2017!


2. Go to Canada!


3. Get a heart ablation!


4. Get together with family!


5. Get more overall gigs!


6. Possible California gig! (I live in Pennsylvania!) (This is the reason I want to be a full time musician, so I can travel and meet new people! I like people, well most of them anyway!)


7. This is my mystery plan that I am only telling a few people privately! (You'll never guess, so don't try!) (My daughter knows, but she ain't tellin'!)


8. Take Nikki back to college! (Boo! She should stay home!)


9. Go back to school!


10. Become a full time musician! (Yay!)


11. And I am working on a country song that may just end all of my financial worries, I just have to get it in the hands of Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Thomas Rhett, Brad Paisley or Keith Urban or someone like that!) (Maybe Keith Urban, we have the same first name ya know!)


12. The more I think about it, the more I want Josh Turner to sing the country song I am working on! 

Summer Concerts 2017


Dear People,



Does your pastor need a break? This summer I am available to present concerts at churches on the following Sunday mornings: June 11, 18, and 25. July 9, 16, and 23. August 6 (local to York, PA only), 20, and 27.


I would be looking to stay in the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, northern Virginia, northern West Virginia, eastern Ohio, and southern New York.


(States with beaches, I love the beach! Just sayin!)


Thanks, Keith!

Keith Andrew Grim - USA Patriotic Medley





Keith Andrew Grim Greatest Hits - The Instrumentals





Happening Today at 9 am


Come join us at Spry Church - A United Methodist Congregation for our celebration for reaching our Capital Gains goal in adding improvements at our church, 50 Shcool Street, York, PA. The service starts at 9 am on today, May 21, 2017.


I was invited to sing A Hope and A Future and play instrumentally Praise to the Lord, the Almighty as a part of the service!







A Hope and A Future at Spry Church on May 21, 2107!


Three years ago, my pastor Ken Loyer at Spry Church - A United Methodist Congregation in York, Pennsylvania, commissioned me to write a song based on Jeremiah 29:11 for our New Capital Gains project. We celebrate the three year process to improve our church building this Sunday, May 21, 2017!


As I thought about what he asked me to do, I realized I already had written a song based on this scripture.


When I revisited the lyrics, I realized that the original version was written from the perspective of "I have problems and God will eventually fix them" type song. That seems to be the theme of many Contemporary Christian Music songs today. 


I realized that I didn't want the song to come this perspective for the things that were happening at our church. I looked into the scriptures again from Jeremiah 29:11 - 14 and made the song more upbeat and bright, as if we had already found our hope and future in God!  


The below video is the version I will be singing this Sunday, May 21, 2017, for our Celebration Sunday! 


Christmas Gigs and More!


Yes Friends, it is that time of year again. I picked up my first two Christmas bookings today. They will be at Christmas Magic at Rocky Ridge Park in York, PA on December 17 and 26.


The Christmas gigs are coming in fast, so hurry and book me for your next Christmas event! 



Phil Keaggy with Glass Harp Concert The Junction Center, Manheim, PA


So, on Thursday night I had a great time at the Phil Keaggy and his band Glass Harp, Daniel Pecchio on bass and John Sferra on drums at WJTL's Junction Center in Manheim, Pennsylvania on Thursday night.


It was a rocking concert and it had the feel as if you were in a night club without the booze and smoke. And of course I had a front row center seat where Phil did many of his guitar solos right in front of me! 


I saw my friend Harry Offutt and his family there and I made some new friends along the way, Maria, Dan and Kathy, Bill and his daughter Karis, Matt and Beth, and  Noah Althoff. 



Christmas Eve Morning, 2017!


So yesterday, when I was looking at the months of late November and December to give Jeri Jones the dates I could play for Christmas Magic at Rocky Ridge Park in York, PA in 2017 I saw that Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday this year.


I thought it would be pretty cool if I could present the Child of Bethlehem Christmas Cantata at a church in York County Pennsylvania or possibly other churches not in York County Pennsylvania that are within a 30 mile radius of Spry, Pennsylvania of where I currently dwell. Christmas Eve is Sunday December 24, 2017 this year.   


Just a thought. 


I know it is early to be thinking of Christmas, but I have also found if one does not try to book Christmas events well in advance of the Christmas season, one does not get very many Christmas gigs!


Here is a video presentation I did of the Cantata at my home church, Spry Church, a United Methodist Congregation in York, PA on November 30, 2014. 





November 30, 2014 from Otterbein UMC of Spry on Vimeo.


Summer Concerts Are Coming!


I am now slowly adding summer concerts to my schedule with one in July and three in August already scheduled. If you like to book me for a concert, please feel free to contact me. 


I will be more aggressively start working on bookings after school is out in June. 19 days to go! 

Mother's Day Plants!


Don't worry people who were at the Eastside Connection on Saturday. After the concert I did go buy my mom a hanging plant and a potted plant for Mother's Day at Stauffers of Kissel Hill in East York, PA!









Eastside Connection Outdoor Coffeehouse


Christian Music Festival The Eastside Connection Outdoor Coffeehouse

1035 Adams Road Wrightsville, Pennsylvania 17368


11 AM - 5 PM Free / Donation




The time has now been set for this event. I play from 2 pm to 3 pm.


Other artists scheduled to appear are:


Paul and Mary Good


For His Glory


Yvonne Hartman


Eric Rapp


Emily Chronister





Eastside Connection Concert! May 13, 2017!








Eastside Connection Outdoor Coffeehouse


Christian Music Festival The Eastside Connection Outdoor Coffeehouse

1035 Adams Road Wrightsville, Pennsylvania 17368


11 AM - 5 PM Free / Donation




The time has now been set for this event. I play from 2 pm to 3 pm.


Other artists scheduled to appear are:


Paul and Mary Good


For His Glory


Yvonne Hartman


Eric Rapp


Emily Chronister





Going to Tennessee


Early Friday morning I am flying to Nashville, Tennessee, renting a car and driving to Jackson, Tennessee to Union University to see my wonderful daughter, Nikki Grim for the weekend and then on Sunday I will drive from Jackson, TN to Nashville, TN to fly back home that night! Oh yes, I am flying out of BWI!

Spry Church - A United Methodist Congregation Set List - May 21, 2017


Hi Folks.


I just picked up another place to present my music ministry. This time it is for my home church, Spry Church - A United Methodist Congregation, 50 School Street, York, Pennsylvania at 9 am on May 21, 2017. 


I will be playing the prelude and offertory.


It is going to be a celebration Sunday and I will be playing A Hope and a Future!


And also another song for the offertory, an instrumental called Praise to the Lord, the Almighty!





Updated Set List: Eastside Connection Outdoor Coffeehouse, May 13, 2017




The Eastside Connection Outdoor Coffeehouse is on May 13, 2017 beginning at 11 am. The address is 1035 Adams Road, Wrightsville, Pennsylvania.


Here is my updated set list for the event.


The Triumphal Entry Medley

1. Hosanna, Loud Hosanna

2. The King of Kings is Coming

3. All Glory, Laud and Honor

4. Hosanna in the Highest


Joyful Sound


Salvation Army Band


Sunday School Songs

1. Give Me Oil in My Lamp

2. Do Lord


Springtime Day


Food for the Hungry Appeal


Keep Hanging On


Summer Vacation


Guitar Joe


To Know You


Holy, Holy, Holy


Also scheduled to play at this event are:


Paul and Mary Good


For His Glory


Yvonne Hartman


Eric Rapp


Emily Chronister

Summer Concerts!


Hello Everyone!



It is getting closer to summer and I am soon going to be working on booking concerts for June, July, and August. (And for Fall and Christmas events too!)



However, before I start officially booking I wanted to let people know that I am excited about my new upcoming concert plans!



On May 13, I will be playing some songs that I have never played or have rarely played live! And I want to expand on making my concerts new and exciting as the summer progresses!



I am happy to announce that the two newest songs I have written in 2017, The King of Kings is Coming and Keep Hanging On, will be added to my set list.



The King of Kings is Coming is in the styling of Keith Green meets Lamb. (OK, older CCM fans, you know who they are!)



Keep Hanging On is in the styling of the spirituals, like Wayfaring Stranger.



If you are interested in booking me for summer events, please contact me for more details!






Keith Andrew Grim

A Philadelphia, PA Weekend!


This weekend I went to Philadelphia, PA to play at the Food for Hunger Benefit Concert at Bridesburg UMC. I enjoyed all the musicians and this was the first year I was able to stay for the whole event.


The Philadelphia area has many talented Christian musicians! 


Then I spent the night at hotel in Bensalem, PA and then went to Huntingdon Valley, PA this morning to see Cheri Keaggy sing at New Life Community Church. I enjoyed her concert a lot as well!


I waved to Amish people on Route 340 in Lancaster County, PA on the way home. 


Then I went home.


My next gig is May 13 at the Eastside Connection's Outdoor Coffeehouse in Wrightsville, PA!  



Saturday, April 22, 2017 Concert





3D art class


My daughter created this video for her light project in her 3D art class. She is a photography major, with a minor in photo journalism, at Union University in Jackson, TN.


Music For Holy Week 2017!








  • July 28, 2017
    Singles Cafe @ Edgley Christian Church ,  Bristol,, Pennsylvania
  • July 30, 2017
    Spry Church - A United Methodist Congregation ,  York, Pennsylvania