Compassion and Christmas! -

All of the Christmas concerts will also feature Compassion. There will be child packets and brochures at each event! 


A child being sponsored at Christmas time would help the children have a Merrier Christmas.


You can sponsor a child online or at one of the upcoming Christmas shows! 


Please click here to go to Compassion's web site to sponsor a child. 





Please click on this photo to see the upcoming concerts! 




Compassion! -


I am very excited to have been invited to be a Compassion Music Artist Ambassador. Compassion's slogan is "Releasing children from poverty in Jesus' Name!" It is a great honor to be chosen to be a part of this program.


Many of the churches and venues I have played, and am scheduled to play, are interested in learning about Compassion and are very gracious in allowing me to present more information about Compassion's work with children. 


Compassion is very integral in helping the children grow in their Christian faith by attending church and Sunday School. They also provide schooling, medical needs, dental needs, nutritional needs, hygiene needs, and other basic needs of life.   


But most importantly, these children are learning about the love of God and the saving grace of Jesus Christ! And by sponsoring a child, you can help these children grow in their Christian faith by praying for them and by writing encouraging letters.  They love to receive letters! 


For more information about sponsoring a child, please click on the Compassion photo below!  










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